"I'm new to Pilates and love it with Shannon. What impresses me the most about her are her expertise and professionalism. It's obvious within the first five minutes of working with her that she has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, and tons of experience. I've already discovered how to use abdominal muscles I never knew I had before, something that immediately began to alleviate my frequently achy lumbar spine. I wish I started this amazing practice years ago as it is a basis for all healthy movement. Shannon's personality is as bright as her beautiful studio that is accessed through the back of a flower shop (So lovely)..Another huge plus is all the free parking nearby." Liesl F.


"I have been working with various Pilates instructors for the past 8 years--some of them very experienced, and Shannon is the best! Because of structural issues (back and hips) from birth, I am definitely a challenge work with and need someone who can focus on continuing rehabilitation and also challenge me. Shannon has been able to design sessions that address whatever new issue I present as well exercises that I can do on my own. I am committed to pilates for a healthy life and I love working with Shannon. Her lovely new studio really embodies her spirit of joy and celebration of health. PS, lots of free parking is another plus." Gale B.


"I am a seventy one year old woman artist. I do large paintings that require me to do my work on the floor. I was in a car accident 2 years ago and started working with Shannon. Not only did I have car injury issues but I have pre-existing injuries in both shoulders--one from a break just below the shoulder 4 years ago and one from a labrum tear. I also have lower back injuries from a ruptured disc 10 years ago. I was not an easy convert to pilates. I came in with a skeptical attitude but needed a lot of help. Shannon tailored a program to my needs and patiently changed my opinion. Her good sense of humor and ability to work with all kinds of injuries has me now looking forward to my next secession each week. After 2 years I can see/feel the difference in my body strength. Friends have remarked that I look different, hold myself straighter. I highly recommend Shannon as an excellent professional." Patricia Dreher


"I started working with Shannon three years ago. I came to her with a shoulder issue I had had for over a year and never having done Pilates did not know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! Shannon is the best instructor! She was very patient with me since I was brand new to Pilates, made every session fun and interesting and in a short time my shoulder issue was gone!I am thrilled with all the positive changes in by body, more strength, better flexibility and a much better posture! I am a senior so that is a very important factor.Her new location on Piedmont Ave is a wonderful place! Sunny, beautifully painted and decorated with plants and flowers. I am so grateful to have met Shannon and will continue to look forward to my weekly sessions of Pilates with her. Thanks Shannon...you're the best!" Barbara L.


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