In this four week online series, Shannon shares with you her two decades of knowledge of studying movement therapy, Pilates, Yoga, embodiment practices, breathing and meditation practices, and her life experience being a trauma survivor and an empath. This series is for those who are looking to develop their own home movement and or meditation practice.


Having and developing your own practice, is beneficial to all parts of your life.  Are you looking to foster and deveop your own tools to help guide yourself and keeping in tune with yourself and source within your life? Are you looking to find deeper connections, to yourself, your relationships, to your own life and the greater universe? Are you wanting to build and develop strength and resiliency, on all levels? Are you wanting more clarity? Knowing yourself and what your purpose is? Are you looking to calm your mind and nervous system? Wanting more ease in your life and within the choices you make? Or maybe you are just wanting a home practice for the sake of better health and physical fitness?


Having your own home practice is an invaluable tool. It does not take the place of being guided by professionals and classes, but will actually deepen the work you do with your teachers, allowing your body, mind and soul to move and expand to levels you maybe never even dreamed of. 


In this series we focus on building resilience. Knowing ourselves, uncovering our deepest layers, and learning to be present with ourselves while building a relationship with our bodies and ourselves. Our home practice can become an actual lifeline. A common thread moving through our lives no matter what life is throwing us. We learn to move and respond from a place of presence and integrity.


What's included with the course?


Written materials


Establishing and building our foundation for building resilience with a home practice. These include thought-provoking questions, ideas, inquiries, problem-solving tactics, writing prompts, readings, techniques, foundations of movement and meditation, exercises and more.


Audio and visual lessons


Each week there will be either an audio or visual sequence and or exercises that can be downloaded and yours for life. The first week will include written materials and tools to help establish your at home practice, as well as a guided meditation to help you relax and tune into what is inspiring you right now? We will go over logictics, tools, and ways to track ourselves and our progress. Using creative exercises and journalling, we will begin to uncover what we most desire in our own home practice.


The second week,we will learn the foundation of beginning a breathing and meditation practice. Beginning to slow down. You will receive a video showing different set-ups to practice your meditation as well as an audio to help guide you as you begin your meditation practice. 


The third week you will receive a foundation, as well as beginning to intermediate level Pilates series. Pilates has many principles from fluidity, precision to inner strength. This month we will focus on finding and moving from our centers. 


The fourth week you will receive a beginning yoga sequence. This practice is for any body. We will learn points of alignment, how do use our breath as a powerful tool, and learning how to calm the nervous system using our breathing while connecting to specific places in the body. A yoga sequence will be shared with you, and if you need modifications I will be able to share with you as well.


Writing Prompts


Each week you will receive writing prompts as well as exercises to help you connect more deeply into what you are wanting and desiring now in establishing your home practice. 




You will be invited to join a Facebook private group where people can share their experiences, challenges and successes of establishing a home practice. Support and community is essential!


Questions answered


I am myself will  be available in that online group to answer questions and to address issues that are coming up in your practice. If you are needing more guidance or assistance I will be available to schedule private online sessions at a discounted rate. This rate only applies to people that are signed up for the four week course. We can problem solve if you were dealing with specific injuries, limitations and anything else, as I am very well-versed in movement and teaching people from all abilities. 


This practice is for you! Being successful at developing a home practice means that you show up to the mat, period! Learning to show up for yourself. Learning to be kind to oursleves as we are learning. 


Some of the concepts we will be focussig on... slowing down, finding stillness, center, movement, devotion, commitment, gratitude, feeling and sensing, presence, knowing, simplify, purify and fortify....


Next series starts May 1st 2020


Schaloarships are available! if you are interested in the above series, please feel free to email me and tell my why you are wanting to take this course at this time. Priority goes to survivors, of all kinds, as well as people living with cancer, and people who identify living with anxiety and trauma.



Building RESILIENCE with a home practice 4 week series

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