Pathway of the psoas January 10th 2021 

I am so excited to announce that my online class is finally here, The Pathway of the Psoas workshop is starting January 10th, 2021

In this four week series we explore the pathway of the psoas and many of the deeper meanings of the psoas muscle group. In this deep dive into our relationship to our psoas, a 4 week long online course diving deep into this primal, spiritual, ancestral, animal like, intuitive and instinctive messenger within us. 

In these past 10 months, I have deepened my spiritual practices, self/soul care practices, and meditation practices. As I realized, these are a necessity for me at this time. I've broken down time after time and have recognized this feeling of wanting to quit over and over again, but I realize that quitting is not an option. Resting is, but not giving up. Finding this rhythm of my own body within all of this chaos can be daunting. But it is possible. I keep my finger on my souls pulse and listen closely to it every day. This is what true self/soul care is. Some days I may need deep rest and quiet and to unplug from the world. Other days I may need connection, stimulation, creativity and movement. not giving up. Finding this rhythm of my own body within all of this chaos can be daunting. But it is possible. I keep my finger on my souls pulse and listen closely to it every day. This is what true self/soul care is. Some days I may need deep rest and quiet and to unplug from the world. Other days I may need connection, stimulation, creativity and movement. But the beginning of this process, is actually finding and listening to our inner pulse.

What is it that you value? What do yo need the most right now in order to thrive in these times? It's different for everybody, and our needs change everyday. I know that my soul needs rest and reflection, as well as movement, connection and joy. If we don't know what it is we are seeking, value or need, than how can we move towards it? I offer this contemplation to you, as I am reminded everyday over and over, how many of us have never learned true self care. Beyond pedicures and shopping sprees, what needs tending to? In our bodies? Our souls? Right now? In our hearts? What is crying for your attention? Attention is such an ordinary act, yet so profound. 

What we pay attention to.... g r o w s

I have learned that self care and preservation is a not only a necessity for me, but a way of life. I have learned that authentic relationships are a necessity for me. I have learned that being in deep nature regularly is a necessity for me. I have learned that tending to the earth is a necessity if we as a human race will survive.

I tell you these things as these are what I have learned about myself and my hearts calling. If you are interested in exploring your own and learning tools to build and expand your self/soul care and building your inner awareness, this is for you. 

I have researched and taught about the psoas muscle group, for almost 2 decades. This deep primordial muscle has connections to our ancestry, are adaptations as humans as we've evolved from four legs to two. This is a four week online series in which we dive in deep. The four weeks are divided into different parts of the meanings of this psoas.

We begin each inquiry with reading, journal prompts and guided mediations, followed by movement practices, as well as expressive arts explorations, drawing, creative writing and journalling, sounding and more.

I have studied many movement modalities, and we explore many here, from Continuum movement (fluid body), Gyrotonic, Restorative Yoga, Pelvic Floor and foundations of Pilates, Sound Healing, and somatic practices where we move and explore creatively. Here are the topics of the 4 modules....

Week 1

Evolution and Adaptation, central channel, and how to keep this channel open and alive, attention, listening, instinct, intuition, and trusting our gut

Week 2

The psoas and its relationship to vulnerability, self-worth and value, trust, expression, ancestral patterns, safety, containment, fluidity and flow

Week 3

The psoas and its relationship to communication, time, past, present and future, true center and our sense of place, discernment and boundaries

Week 4

The psoas as an actual pathway, an inner and outer path, inner pulse and impulse, resonance and dissonance, our souls path and purpose, our body compass, and the psoas as the great transmitter of information 

We will cover a lot of ground, and explore this muscle group each week with many modalities. Each week beginning on Sunday, you receive the reading for the week and the journal prompts. These are written by myself and writings that I have complied to help you really explore these concepts in your body, mind and soul. 

Wednesday you will receive, two videos for that week. The videos will help you explore the concepts deeper, as well as give you many tools to explore and self care tools to help you expand your medicine bag. These videos will vary from breathing exercises, guided meditations, release techniques, mobility exercises, somatic experiencing, drawing and expressive arts guidance, dance, yoga, pilates, sounding and mindfulness practices.

The psoas often holds trauma, either yours or inherited from our ancestors. I do recommend having a therapist or somatic practitioner that you can work with to help you navigate some of these if you have never explored before.

Fridays there will be a live zoom call, where I can answer questions, group members can check in, and we can support each other and hold space for one another, as being witnessed in your inner body awakening can be a huge part of the process, so you may integrate these parts of yourself within your daily life and relationships. Here you can share insights, or challenges that are coming up for you.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group only for course participants and myself. Here is a place we can also share with each other, offering insights and support as needed.

This series is not recommended for those who have not taken another psoas workshop or a class or have been studying and reading about this muscle group for sometime. This is not an anatomy or exercise series. It is a deep exploration into the psoas and its deeper emotional, ancestral, and spiritual, and energetic  meanings, and its affect on our lives.

You will receive invaluable research and resources for yourself, that I hope brings you more and more into this exploration into deep relationship to yourself and your self and soul care. After this course, you will have much more material to dive into on your own and explore throughout the year. What a great way to end 2020, and bring 2021 in! $150 for this online course with videos, and materials that are yours forever. Begins January 10th 2021

If interested, please email me directly and tell me why you want to take this course, and some of your history with this muscle group.










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