Who we are

We're a Pilates and Yoga studio offering private and semi-private sessions. We  have  over 18 years in the industry are trained to help you restore hope in your body and get you back to the active lifestyle that you once led or just wanting better performance results! We have the highest standards of teaching, and we watch and teach you from beginning to end. We have taught and trained for almost two  decades and can literally see what needs to change in movement patterns to achieve optimum health.


We've successfully helped hundreds of people using different modalities such as Pilates,  Iyengar based Yoga, Physical Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Body Rolling and other myofascial muscle releasing techniques, Gyrotonic, and Breathing Awareness Practice. All of these movement modalities help to bring you back into your truest alignment. Learning the Pilates Method and the principles of Yoga alignment changed my life, now I am ready to help you move towards the life, body and health that you deserve.

Are you ready to work on your path to healing, movement, and inner strength? 

Class Schedule

Thursday morning traction/Yoga with springs 

Tmixed level Pilates/Yoga springboard Class

 Thursday Mornings, 11-12am PST VIRTUAL!!!!! 

Group springboard class, where we use the Pilates Springboard like one would use a Yoga Ropes Wall. This gives the body ultimate length, traction  and spaciousness  Students say the hip opening lasts them all week! Great for people who sit a lot. We focus on opening back, hips and shoulders. Yoga experience is required, but it is a mixed level class.

During Shelter in  Place, we use instead a chair and a 

yoga strap to create a dynamic yoga practice, all levels.

This class is at The Working Body, Oakland

www.workingbody.net FIRST CLASS FREE!

Monday morning pilates & yoga fusion class

Monday Mornings, 930-1030am PST VIRTUAL!!!!!

A yoga mat class, focussing on strengthening and stretching, using yoga and pilates props; straps, balls, blocks, bolsters, rollers and blankets to intelligently strengthen while aligning and lengthening the body. Learning to strengthen the deep layers of the body while staying relaxed and relaxing tension is truly an art. A fusion of Pilates, Yoga floor work and release work.

This class is at The Working Body, Oakland

www.workingbody.net FIRST CLASS FREE!

monthly restorative yoga, guided meditation and writing Workshops

One Saturday a month, from 4-6pm. Where we focus on connecting back into ourselves and our bodies, unplugging and recharging. We practice breathing awareness exercises, restorative yoga, somatic meditation, and finish with writing prompts with a different focus each month, from connecting to our bodies, to forgiveness and creating space in our lives, to creating boundaries and finding our voice. Please go to www.anasaoakland.com to sign up, under workshops.














Session prices working with Shannon Knorr, 

Senior Pilates Instructor, and RYT 500 (Registered 

Yoga Teacher), Scoliosis Specialist

120/one session

1100/package of 10

Group class price varies, please contact the instructor directly at the number provided right next to the class description. 

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