There is no "one size fits all" in bodywork. Pilates is not just about your "core", it's seeing and looking at your body and movement patterns and

seeing what is working and what is not.  We find where there may be blocked energy or places of instability and help to redirect. It really works!

Shannon Knorr

Founder of Embody Studio. Shannon completed her Pilates certification in 2003 through PhysicalMind and Balanced Body. Gyrotonic Level 1 in 2005, and received her Dance/Movement Therapy degree in 2000. She completed a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Studies program  completing her certification in Iyengar inspired Yoga at The Yoga Room, Berkeley in 2014.

Shannon currently is completing her Somatic Movement Therapy Certification, and is in her second year with Tamalpa Institute learning the Life Art Process. She also continually studies movement and anatomy, with emphasis on embodiment practices, nervous system rebalancing, trauma work, scoliosis, plant medicine, and much more.

Shannon herself has scoliosis as well as other physical issues since childhood, chronic illness and pain, which brought her into the Pilates and Yoga methods. She herself has also struggled with anxiety, PTSD, asthma and chronic pain, and found tools to help her body become the refuge and friend it was designed to be. Our bodies want to come into balance, we just need to show up.

Shannon specializes in scoliosis, sciatica, and back and sports injuries, but she loves working with people at all fitness levels; from the professional athlete to the post surgery client, to the client going through chemotherapy.

Shannon herself is a breast cancer survivor and her movement practice of Yoga, Pilates along with guided meditation saved her during her time in treatment. She believes fully in her work and teaches directly from her own experience and heart.

Shannon also teaches monthly somatic meditation and writing workshops at various studios in the bay area. She is also the guided meditation teacher at the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley. She believes rest and learning to relax are just as important as adding movement into our lives and helps women learn to breathe deeply and find ease with their breath. and bodies.


She believes Pilates and Yoga is for every body and that experiencing the healing power of movement positively impacts how you look and feel. Shannon fully believes that these practices are building a relationship. It is not a pill you take once and you are cured. We are learning to cultivate and deepen our relationship to ourselves, our bodies. All parts of ourselves. Learning to navigate the multiple layers of ourselves and our body. Emotional, physical, dream, mental, ancestral and spiritual bodies. Accessing our own resources and inner connections. The more we know and embody ourselves, the more we can feel the connection of ourselves to the greater universe and truly know our purpose.

The breath is our guide into the body


Past and future are in our minds, the body is NOW

Pilates is a movement system that puts emphasis on breathing and alignment, while developing a strong core or center,

while improving coordination and balance. The system includes thousands of exercises, which can be modified in range of difficulty from beginning

to advanced. The intensity of one's individual Pilates work, will gradually increase over time, and the workout is forever changing, so one never gets bored,

and one's body is consistently growing and developing a bigger movement vocabulary.

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