Pilates and Yoga provide effective relief for numerous ailments using therapeutic rehabilitative Pilates, Iyengar based/Alignment Yoga, and Physical Therapy and traction methods.

I teach the true Pilates method which takes practice to learn, but once learned your body moves and functions very differently. The body learns to support itself from the inside out. While gaining inner strength and the use of these deep postural muscles, all movement in daily life is improved. 

I help professional athletes, dancers as well as any person with disabilities or injuries, pre and post surgery clients, Pilates allows you to move through whatever life is throwing your way.

Specializing in sports performance, back care and scoliosis, while also improving posture, energy, and alignment for any individual. 

By working with Shannon, you’ll tap into your body’s natural inner strength by coming back into your true alignment. We are unique as movement teachers, as I offer both Iyengar based Yoga and the Pilates method in our sessions. Using the Pilates equipment as traction tools to give your spine and body space and length.

Pilates Works! Yoga Works! Traction Works!


We are here to help you,

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